What Makes Flutter An Ideal Technology For the MVP Development?

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5 min readMay 28, 2020


Every business does groundwork before start building a software development or software launch. And, it is essential to make the project launch successful. Various startups and enterprises keep their eye on product development time, which they consider very important than the budget of the project. While most startups fail due to the lack of market research and ignorance of technology trends.

When the talk comes about Time Saving Mobile App Development, Flutter platform and Minimum Viable Project (MVP) have always been finding themselves a part of every conversation.

In this article, we will discuss technologies that are considered to build and launch a mobile app in less time. We will also figure out the things that make the Flutter platform and Minimum Viable Project (MVP) ideal for startups or enterprises who want to test the app before the full-fledged launch. We will also discuss why startups consider Flutter and MVP to make their app development journey quite impressive.

But before we dive into them, let’s take a look at what are Flutter and MVP, individually.

What is an MVP and Why Is Necessary For Business-

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a technique that is used to develop a new product or website incorporating necessary features to satisfy early adopters. MVP is a kind of testing technique that is widely used by new startups to decide whether to continue with the business idea or not. Feedback from first adopters helps to improve the business app. It is also used to know the target audience, their needs, and expectations from the products or services. MVP is a time saver and cost-effective which reduces the efforts of app development.

An MVP provides a simple way to solve all the issues that come while developing software. The software development time can be saved using this technology. Various industries have adopted this technology to streamline the app development process. Thus, when you initiate the application test using MVP, you will get a huge difference. It can prevent business failures, as you can get feedback from your customers and check out the needs of your customers.

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Why Should Businesses Adopt an MVP?

In order to build an app success in less time, you should require MVP. Using it you could plan your app launch and validate various methods to it. Thus the businesses can also reduce the errors by testing the app on a small scale.

An MVP is very important to offer your customers what they are looking for. By offering the needs of your users you can make your app successful in very less time. Businesses adopting MVPs can benefit in several ways.

· You can adapt it to your system within a limited budget while launching the app quickly.

· Integrating MVP in the software development cycle, you can save huge time while developing the app and find the right group of customers.

· You can work on the feedback of the customers to improve the products or services.

· You can save resources, money, and time, and develop an application that will probably be successful.

· Find the early adopters of the product by acquiring a potential base of customers.

For business firms, it is advisable to start with limited features in the basic model. Successful companies often follow this strategy.

Benefits of Using MVP-

There are several benefits of using the Minimum Viable Product-

· Testing Usability

· Limited Range of Features

· Reaching Out to the Investors

· Minimal Cost of Development

· Saves Time and Efforts

· Evaluating the idea

· Taking feedback from users

· Improvising the product

What Is Flutter And Why Choose Flutter For MVP Development?

Flutter is an open-source UI framework owned by Google. This technology is widely being used for developing high-level native UI with only one codebase. This means that you can use one programming language and one codebase to create two different apps (for iOS and Android). Flutter Alpha was the first released in May 2017, after that the Beta Version of Flutter was announced by Google in February 2018 at the Mobile World Congress. Basically, this technology is written in the Dart Programming Language which shares features with many other languages like Kotlin and Swift. This language can easily be transported into JavaScript code.

Flutter, also known as cross-platform app development framework, is open source and available free to use. As Flutter allows for a Reactive and Declarative style programming it resembles React Native. There is no need to use a bridge in a Flutter to improve overall performance and startup time. By using Dart it will automatically achieve Ahead-of-Time compilation (AOT).

Various startups consider Flutter for MVP application development to save time, money and build quality solutions in less time.

Flutter consists of two important parts:

An SDK (Software Development Kit): A collection of tools that makes you able to write a single code for two platforms. This features tools to run your code into native machine code (code for iOS and Android).

A Framework (UI Library based on widgets): A collection of reusable UI elements (buttons, text inputs, sliders, and so on) that you can use as per your own requirements.

Why Choose Flutter for MVP development?

· Creation of Cost Effective Applications

· Expedited App Development Process

· Appealing User Interface

· Reduced Resources Requirements

Companies That Have Successfully Implemented MVPs

It is wondering how the top tech giants got started working with an MVP. Many of the successful brands like Uber, Instagram, and Buffer worked with MVPs.


· Instagram

· Airbnb

· Dropbox

· Buffer


Flutter and MVP both are the most popular technology, using to build interactive mobile applications in minimal time. You can consider Flutter for MVP development and build your own mobile apps to save time, money, and resources. If you do not have enough technical knowledge than you could hire best Flutter App Development Company or hire Flutter developers to build your application.

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