Everything You Need To Know About The iOS 14 Update

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4 min readOct 30, 2020

The largest tech major Apple has revealed new iOS versions for its flagship devices Apple Watch and iPad. Thus, the company also introduced the latest version of iOS or iOS 14 updates in its iPhone models.

As usual, this time Apple has brought something special for its customers to provide their customers an amazing experience. Various mobile app development companies in the USA and other countries have started rolling out their applications with the new update of iOS. The new version of Apple’s operating system is getting a huge response from iPhone users.

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Apple has a greater presence in their home country more than anywhere else in the world.

Here are some stats that speak about the popularity of the iPhone.

  • iPhone sales in the United States amounted to 22.4 million units in the fourth quarter of 2017.
  • In 2018, 45.1 percent of U.S. smartphone users used an iPhone.
  • As of March 2019, iPhone’s installed base in the United States reached 193 million.
  • Various sources put that Apple has 900 million active iPhone users worldwide.

Coming back to the point, iOS 14 has included various iOS 14 new features such as App Library, which automatically organizes the apps on your home screen so you don’t have to scroll through several pages to find what you’re looking for.

Here in this article, we are going to list down some major iOS 14 features for iPhone-

1. Compact UI

With small and group of icons, Apple has made everything small in its UI which is indeed looking appealing. Everything is displayed in a simple, small size and compact notification banner that include incoming phone calls, VoIP calls, FaceTime calls, and Siri.

2. App Library

The App Library, appears at the end of the Home Screen, is a new feature of iOS 14 in which you can manage your Home Screen pages. There is an App Library Search option, that allows you to find what you’re looking for. Thus, it is automatically organized by category and enables you to hide entire app pages. It also adds a suggested app search folder, as well as a Recently Added folder.

3. Widgets

The new update supports the widgets for the first time in Apple devices. The customize widgets are full of rich data that you can manage as per your needs. The Widget Gallery allows you to manage and see all of your available widgets, from native Apple apps to third-party apps that support iOS 14 widgets.

4. Picture-in-Picture

This is one of the interesting features in the iOS 14 feature list that allows you to keep watching videos while doing other things on their device like messaging or Facetime call and the video continues to play in PiP mode. You can also move it around the screen and resize it when required.

5. HomeKit

This feature in iOS 14 automats various things like suggestions of quick access to accessories and scenes. It has an adaptive lighting feature that automatically adjusts color temperature throughout the day. Additionally, there is on-device Face Recognition, so compatible video doorbells and cameras can identify your friends and family.

6. Siri

Now this time Siri will appear as a small overlay on top of whatever app you’re already using. You can also take the help of Siri to directly send audio messages, get cycling directions, and send ETA to others by just giving commands. You can also ask questions to Siri and get answers to your questions.

7. Augmented Reality

Apple has introduced an AR feature in iOS 14 that makes your visual aspects more lifelike. It is associated with specific geographic coordinates, letting users position the objects in real-time at home or office. Using Video texture, you are able to add any virtual object into your environment, making surfaces, objects, and characters more lifelike. Apple says iOS 14 brings expanded support for face tracking on all devices with an A12 Bionic chip or later.

8. AirPods

AirPods have received an update, too. Apple’s popular wireless earbuds will more seamlessly switch between devices and audio. For example, users can finish an audiobook and then pick up their iPad to watch a TV show. When someone calls, the audio will automatically switch to the call. The pricier Pro version will now have a new feature called “spatial audio” that aims to replicate a surround sound or movie theater experience.

9. Messages

The new message update on iOS 14 will surely provide you an amazing experience. The UI of iMessage is quite impressive. As group messaging grows on iMessage, Apple took inspiration for new features from one of the leading workplace messaging services. Apple has added various new Memoji stickers like face mask covering Memoji, hair colors in Memoji, and more.

10. Health

For the Health app, Apple has introduced advanced support for Sleep Tracking on Apple Watch, plus a Health Checklist for managing health and safety features (Emergency SOS, Medical ID, Fall Detection, and ECG) and an addition to help users better understand how audio levels can impact hearing health.


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