Best Online Attendance System for Students During an Online Class

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4 min readJun 29, 2020


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the classroom study has turned into digital classes. Various educational institutions all over the world have changed the way they operate their schools and colleges. More and more educational institutes are leveraging the e-learning platform to attend online classes for the students. E-Learning platform has replaced the various manual tasks like feedback collection, student attendance, reporting, and more that consume a lot of precious time.

In today’s time, almost every school and college are using e-Learning mobile applications to conduct online classes without any obstacles posed by the COVID. Both students and teachers are experiencing a new way of teaching that was not known before. And looking at the increasing On-demand for e-Learning mobile apps, various startups or school and college owners are gearing up themselves and working on new ideas to make the online study even better. So we can expect the educational institutes to use e-Learning tools or school management systems even after the pandemic is over. Now, there are some challenges faced by teachers and administrators to know the presence of the students during the online classes.

So, in this article, we will discuss how to use the online attendance system and the best online attendance systems for students.

The classroom attendance system is one of the key areas where a lot of time is wasted. With the advent of digital solutions, the old way of calling students by name has also changed. Moreover, some other advantages of the attendance management system are detailed student attendance report generation, easy sharing of reports with parents, and storing information in the cloud makes the job a lot easier.

What are the Key Features of Online Attendance System-

An online attendance system for students has various advanced features that do not only let you perform attendance tracking but also ensure parent-teacher coordination. Some of its other core features are:

Real-time Attendance Logs

Using this software, the school admin can capture the real-time attendance log of students and send them to parents using the sharing feature.

Managing Timetables

School admin can prepare timetable section-wise and share it with the students and parents.

Points and Attendance Scores

Based on the student’s academic records or attendance scores, teachers can easily calculate promotion and academic scores.

Face ID Attendance

The online attendance system eliminates the thumb impression system. Using the Face ID feature, students can get into the virtual class and it will also be considered as a present mark.

Customizable Reports

An online attendance system for students helps create records of students’ attendance for grading and other purposes. Admin can easily generate various reports such as student-wise attendance, day-wise attendance, class-wise attendance, month-wise, class-attendance, etc.

Attendance Management

With the help of this application, you can prepare complete records of students and monitor students who are running short in leaves. Also, you can import student’s records and share the same with parents.

Create & Share Notice

You can create circulars for upcoming events, notices, tests, and extracurricular activities and circulate them among the online attendance monitoring system.

Attendance Record During Examination

An online attendance system for students can be used for tracking the attendance of students taking online exams, tests, classroom assignments, and quizzes.

How Online Attendance System for Students Plays an Important Role in Online Teaching?

The online Attendance Management Software is essential in order to increase productivity and results as well. It is easy to integrate into the system and easy-to-use. The various easy ways through which the online attendance application can be used online teaching are:

Maintaining Staff Attendance

Through an online attendance system, it is likewise conceivable to monitor leaves/occasions/present long periods of staff in a school or instructive foundation. Ascertain their working hours and recognize the zones of work that need improvement through effective time the board.

Alerts for Parent

Guardians should be refreshed of their ward’s advancement. Through this application, teachers or school admin can send regular updates to guardians with respect to a student’s interest in the class, participation record, grade/social report, and task finish.

Punctuality and Discipline

Physically keeping up records of students & other information has been tedious and time-consuming. An online participation framework for understudies facilitates this via computerizing most such errands. Accordingly, an instructor can keep a superior tab on understudy’s presentation and order for the convenient culmination of errands. In this way, you can exclusively persuade and support a student about the brilliant side of remaining dependable just as restrained.

Automatic Report Generation

Using this software, you can easily prepare reports of students such as attendance record month, week, and day wise. Data can be generated automatically on a regular basis for each student in a classroom. They are neatly organized in the dashboard section and can be accessed anytime.